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Then you are at the right place – SKG Print Media.

Printing with SKG Print Media saves you time and money. Send your files, choose your printing and binding options, make the payment and we’ll deliver your prints to your home, work, university, or directly to your clients. With SKG Print Media, you will get high-quality, customized planners. Print with your choice of paper, size, binding and cover styles. Print products such as Product Instruction Manuals, Training packs, Meeting agendas, Work Proposals, University projects, books, Planners, Journals and everything in between, SKG Print Media printing services is the answer. We offer a fast, affordable and high-quality printing and binding solution that prints your documents and delivers them to your door (or wherever else you might need them), in fastest time.

We offer printing and binding services with various customization options.

Pen Loops

A great addition to executive notebooks, allowing you to easily attach pens or pencils to your notebook.

Perimeter Stitch

Add a decorative stitching around the edges of the notebook to give a traditional feel.


Ribbon & Elastic

As well as having a vast range of ribbon and elastic colours and finishes we can Pantone match any colour.



Beginning with the same method as debossing, your logo is milled onto a die and heated before a gold film is placed leaving a impression.


Emboss / Deboss

Our most popular customization method, suitable for all materials. Your logo is impressed into the cover of your notebook.

UV Printing

Using the latest UV printers we can print CMYK+W on any material giving you full color on even the most complex designs.


For notebooks full of information, indexing is a great way to find pages quickly and with ease.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a simple branding method to add logos, text and complex single color or two color designs to almost all material types.


Digital Print Cover

A perfect color match can be achieved on stock paper. Paper is then laminated to provide strength and to lock in the colors.


Custom Inner Pages

A great way to individually personalize your custom made notebooks, with custom inner pages.


Printed End Papers

Give your notebook impact from the very beginning with printed paper or card placed on the inside casing.


Gilt Edging

A great way to give your notebook a sophisticated edge…


Choose to add fully customized packaging for Your Planner. You can choose to add like – 

  • Poly wrap / Shrink Wrap
  • Lid Box
  • Magnetic Closure Box
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Corrugated Box

Print Your Own Fully Customized Products

Sample materials


Various Color options available for below textures

Convert Your Vision into Planner With SKG Print Media