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SKG Print Media has been present in Printing Business for over 4 decades. Earlier it was operational in offline mode. But as the Whole World is progressing in terms of technology and new ideas, internet kicked in and left no boundaries due to physical presence location.

SKG Print Media too joined this revolution and marked its Online Presence in June 2018. Launching their own website was the first and foremost step.

This could not have been limited to having a website in the times where there are so many Social Media Platforms influencing the audiences. Hence, we got the presence on various platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Linkedin
  4. Twitter
  5. Tumblr


Recently, SKG Print Media completed its ‘One Year of Online Presence’. Here’s publishing the reach that SKG Print Media has made in terms of client’s locations all over the world, inspite being physically located in Delhi, India.

SKG Print Media Clients all over the World
Edit - Left vs Right : One Year vs Four Years

SKG Print Media’s office location is in Delhi, India. This has not stopped people from all over the world to become our clients.

Only thing that matters is Customer Service with Speed & Quality. At SKG Print Media, we create fully customized products as per client’s requirements and promises – 

  1. Lowest & Affordable Prices
  2. Best Quality Products
  3. Worldwide Doorstep Delivery
  4. Least Turnaround Time


Below is the top 10 countries from where SKG Print Media get clients from  – 

SKG Print Media Top 10 Countries customer database

Working hard to keep our clients satisfied as well as looking forward to serve new clients from above mentioned countries and those which are yet to be explored.

Explore our Printing services and contact us via these channels as per your convenience – 

  1. Filling Query Form
  2. Email at
  3. WhatsApp at +91-9891311141
  4. DM us at Instagram
  5. Message us on Facebook

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